Smartways partners with clients to assist in operating lean businesses in complex and demanding environments.

 As a B2B only operator, Smartways concentrates on providing medical / healthcare logistics without the distraction of competing generalist freight or competing services to consumers. Our focused model enables us to assist medical and healthcare clients improve stock turns, optimise stock holdings and achieve enhanced returns on capital invested in inventory.
  • Smartways was established in 2004, built on the premise of a focused business providing logistics services to the medical and healthcare industries. Today, Smartways remains true to those core principles.
  • Client service is absolutely paramount at Smartways so much so that Smartways is seen as an extension of our clients' operations, professionally representing our clients with their clients such as hospitals and clinics.
  • We are renowned for reliable and high levels of service to large global medical device companies, national businesses as well as to niche operators.
  • Smartways provides services to many medical and healthcare companies covering a number of medical disciplines including orthopaedics, spine, neurology, cardiovascular, urology, bariatric, endoscopy, dental, 'plastics', drugs, biologics, capital equipment and high value medical consumables.
  • We operate a dedicated on-shore customer service function and provide clients with access to decision makers to resolve issues promptly.
  • Smartways has a large and loyal fleet of drivers that provide experienced, dedicated medical logistics services whom "just want to go the extra mile".
  • We "get the job done" and as such enjoy excellent relationships with hospitals, clinics and allied health service providers.
  • Smartways invests heavily in our business across our infrastructure, technology and our fleet so that we can grow with our clients and meet their demanding and dynamic needs.
  • Our core values are integrity and respect. Smartways promotes a high interactive culture and we communicate with clients as to status of deliveries including service disruptions so that our clients can provide feedback to and manage their stakeholders.
  • Business is personal for us – we "care" about providing the best possible logistics services to the medical and healthcare industries.